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BHlthSc MPhysioPrac - Yianni Griffiths

Yianni has 3 years of experience working within the private practice sector of physiotherapy. Throughout this period, he has fulfilled senior roles which has enabled him to excel both his leadership and clinical skills.

Yianni carries a key interest in lower limb sporting biomechanics, lower limb sporting injury management and strength and conditioning. He has a strong passion to enhance the athletic development of the local sporting community, and as well to educate and facilitate the general community to become more active.

Eastern Health and Performance was created for the purpose of delivering a service that would create an elite level experience for the local community. This will involve analysis of muscle performance and human movement for athletic output, recovery education and facilitation, strength and conditioning education and prescription, and rehabilitation of sporting related injuries.

Yianni aspires to continue his education by conducting PhD studies within the realms of sprinting and change of direction performance.


What we do

Eastern Health and Performance utilises a client-centred approach to deliver a physiotherapy service that will achieve the patients’ goals. This will be done through a thorough assessment, identifying all potential factors at play. A treatment plan will be conducted tailored to the patients’ requirements, as well as their intended goals. This plan can involve both manual therapy, and exercise prescription as justified with our clinical reasoning.

Utilising the facilities accessible to us, we can also provide strength and conditioning programs and advice for the athletic population. We have full access to the Intrepid Fitness gym facilities, whilst also obtaining the appropriate tools to gather objective analysis on performance characteristics such as peak force output, rate of force development, and reactive strength index. Whether it be enhancing strength, speed, or endurance, our facilities enable us to help our clients achieve these goals!


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Strength and Conditioning


Running Assessment


Dry Needling


Axit Screening


TAC + Workcover

Where are we located?

Eastern Health and Performance is located within the Intrepid Fitness gym on Rooks road in Nunawading.

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Sean Bell (Ultra Marathon Runner & Co-Founder of First42k)

Tegan Brock